Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced

Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced

A few weeks ago I was perusing my local Sephora when this serum caught my eye. I have always been an anti-serum advocate especially if you are generously oiling brows nightly. These days having extra money in my account each week is a luxury so what did I do? I made an impulse buy but I will not give Sephora its due for catching me in its snares, the buy was slightly premeditated. In a few days I will finally be getting my eyebrows shaped by Joey Healy after 7 months of not so much as tweezing a single hair. Woohoo! I desired as much growth as possible going into the appointment. I figured that I had held out this long without buying a serum, I may as well go for it now since I had the extra money.

Of all the serums I shamelessly looked at, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced sounded uber promising online: “This serum is formulated with an advanced Pentapeptide chain and is rich in botanical extracts and vitamins to help strengthen and condition skin and brow hair. With regular, twice-daily use, this product helps you to achieve fuller, longer, and more youthful-looking brows with less breakage.” Plus at $38.00 you can’t go wrong.

That was then, now…when I think of Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced only one word comes to mind: disappointment.

I do believe the product inside the horrific packaging has potential but I doubt most people will give it a second chance. Initially I was thrilled with the price, it really is much cheaper than most growth serums on the market, but that thrill was short lived. 2 weeks after the initial purchase I realized why this particular serum is cheaper – it only lasts 2 weeks with twice-daily applications. I think my exact words were “WTF!” and “this is a BS!” I was pissed and you know what, rightfully so. If the packaging were clear, like the Stila Lip Glaze’s, I wonder if there would be only 1/4 of product in the packaging? As I said before, I believe the product has potential to encourage brow growth, but you will be forced to buy 1-2 tubes a month to see any progress.

Also, I think it is extremely important to mention that if you are looking to regrow your eyebrows please put the tweezers down first thennnnnn buy a growth serum. You need to put your tweezers down for a minimum of 2 months to see any new growth, you would be surprised at how much hair you could be plucking!



  • The pen only lasted 16 days, using it twice-daily
  • Upon opening it did take about 30-40 clicks to apply the first application
  • I had to click the pen 3-4 times each time I wanted to apply
  • I did not see enough hair growth to write home about
  • Price


  • Encouraged a few hairs at the beginning of my eyebrows to begin sprouting forward
  • My brows were incredibly soft
  • I could easily apply the serum in the morning then apply makeup over it without any problems
  • Did not flake
  • Dries superfast


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