Harry’s Favorite Ice Cream

I don’t know anyone who didn’t salivate over the food in Harry Potter. The books inspired millions of recipes and recreations alike. While recipes for pumpkin pasties, chocolate frogs, and treacle tarts are plentiful. There does seem to be one recipe that is rather elusive. And that is the ice cream.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione strolled off along the winding, cobbled street. The bag of gold, silver, and bronze jangling cheerfully in Harry’s pocket was clamoring to be spent, so he bought three large strawberry-and-peanut-butter ice creams, which they slurped happily as they wandered up the alley, examining the fascinating shop windows.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry is clearly a fan of ice cream. He eats raspberry and chocolate with chopped nuts in The Philosophers Stone and gets free sundaes every half hour in The Prisoner of Azkaban. The real question here is how did the strawberry peanut butter flavor become canon? Were you to ask any fan what is the defining flavor of ice cream in Harry Potter, strawberry peanut butter is exactly how they would answer. It doesn’t sound terrible but doesn’t raspberry and chocolate sound better? (Insert shoulder shrug emoji here.)

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Inge’s Breakfast Grains

There were only three descriptions of food in Adrienne Young’s Sky in the Deep. Two of which were the same breakfast item and the third was fish.

Inge poured the grain out onto a large hot cooking stone, toasting it with a wooden paddle. The house filled with the warm nutty smell and my stomach pinched with hunger.

Halvard set out wooden bowls and Inge filled them with the grain before pouring the hot water over them.

Adrienne Young, Sky in the Deep; pg. 81

I personally felt that the description of the grains sounded very, very much like oats. That is how I interpreted the grains so that’s exactly what I decided to use in this recreation. After some quick googling I found the general consensus on toasted oats to be undeniably tasty. I also found that a lot of people toasted their oats in butter (which sounds divine ughh) but for the purpose of this recipe I opted to omit the butter.

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John Hammond’s Chilean Sea Bass

There are phrases uttered in classic movies that will forever make an impression upon us. Jurassic Park is chock full of phrases that have been repeated, printed and made into gifs. One of those lines is one in which John Hammond excitedly exclaims (post raptor chow down of course),

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Diana Bishop Tea

“I fixed my eyes on the sugar. He handed it to me. I put precisely half a teaspoon of sugar and half a cup of milk into my tea. This was just how I liked it- black as tar, a hint of sugar to cut the edge off the bitterness, then enough milk to make it look less like stew. This done, I stirred the concoction clockwise. As soon as experience told me it wouldn’t burn my tongue, I took a sip. Perfect.”

The highly anticipated companion novel, The World of All Souls, was finally released. Its contents include a plethora of facts, tidbits, and recipes from the trilogy. Just imagine taking everything you can dig up regarding the All Souls Trilogy from Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google searches and interviews PLUS an intimate look inside the mind of author Deborah Harkness. Well, that is exactly what The World of All Souls is. I really did love the series and while I typically reread it every year I didn’t last year so as I began to read this new release I steadily became more reinvigorated with the series.

My copy of A Discovery of Witches was so extremely marked up with notes and highlights but unfortunately, I lost all of my markups when the Sony Reader store dismantled and users were invited to merge their existing libraries with Kobo. I had already made the move to Nook but was using the Sony Reader app to access those books. Of the markups a lot of those notes regarded food. I may have even highlighted everything concerning Diana and food because it all sounded so damn delicious (I swear I should be English.) Her tea consumption was especially interesting to me as I am an avid tea drinker. The ritual and history of tea have always fascinated me. I even own several books on the history of tea. Being the curious person that I am, I’m intrigued by how people take their tea. Fictional character or not, Diana Bishop is no exception. Continue reading “Diana Bishop Tea”

Clary’s Super-Sweet Coffee

“She tore a bun apart, savoring the rich savory-salt taste of the pork, the chewiness of the white dough. She washed it down with a swig of black super sweet coffee.” – City of Bones

“She took a sip – no milk and lots of the sugar, the way she liked it.” – City of Ashes

Although I have only just finished reading City of Bones and City of Ashes I can already tell you, Clary love’s black coffee sweetened with lots of sugar – and it sounds utterly divine.  I am not a big hot coffee drinker, I prefer tea, but I absolutely love iced coffee. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind hot coffee and it doesn’t taste bad… so long as it has been sweetened with plenty of sugar. There is just something so delightful about an iced coffee on a hot summer day than an iced tea. Continue reading “Clary’s Super-Sweet Coffee”