A lesson in valuing yourself

Do you remember the person who taught you what it is to value, honor and respect yourself?

My brother, Tommy, was the one who taught me the value of honoring myself. I grew up looking up to him (he totally knew that too) had he pulled me aside and delivered a heartfelt speech I would have listened and immediately taken the advice. As it turns out, he had no need for epic speeches.

Tommy taught me how to honor myself by allowing me to be myself. He never exploded when he found me reading Harry Potter in the most comfortable chair in the house, a faded periwinkle blue second-hand armchair in his bedroom. Instead of blowing me off when I asked him to take me to punk concerts at Irving Place and Roseland Ballroom, he went as friend and chaperone. When I had my first sip of alcohol, he made sure it was Smirnoff Ice and at our house, under his attention.

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The Crimes of Grindelwald

TODAY IS THE DAY, the release date for those fans who weren’t as lucky as those we were invited for early viewings. I’m thankful to all those fans who protected the secrets, I’m thrilled that no one spoiled the movie!

I happened to be off today so I spent the day doing a little shopping. My first stop was Target to pick up a copy of the screenplay and oh my goodness the cover is to die for. It was extremely difficult not to read the screenplay before I saw the movie. In the end, I didn’t want to be spoiled so I held firm. Instead, I spent the rest of the morning photographing the cover. Hop over to my Instagram to check out my newest post if you’re interested in seeing that. Continue reading “The Crimes of Grindelwald”

In Defense of Narcissa

The name Malfoy conjures many, many negative thoughts. In fact, it’s quite easy to think of the Malfoy’s negatively. Not only did Draco bully his classmates but had a general sense of elation while doing so. His father, Lucius, was sadly, even worse. While Draco still had a boyish innocence about him, especially since his bullying could have been linked to normal childhood anxieties such as jealousy, expectation, and pride, Lucius had no such innocence. 

With the compiling of the Sacred Twenty-Eight during a 1930s-1940s Daily Prophet publication, Lucius was able to take his thoughts on purebloods to a whole other level. Lucius’s name may have been cleared after the first rising of Lord Voldemort but that didn’t stop Lucius from attempting malicious, dark magic on those he deemed unworthy. It wasn’t just muggle borns he felt were unworthy either: though the name Weasley was part of the Sacred Twenty-Eight, Lucius did not think they were worthy people. An example that spoke volumes was the one in which Lucius places Tom Riddle’s diary in the cauldron of Ginny Weasley. Lucius was prepared to sacrifice one of the “unofficial’ members of the Sacred Twenty-Eight list because of his prejudices. That was only the beginning too, throughout Harry’s years at Hogwarts, Lucious steadily rose up until he was, once again, side by side with the Dark Lord. There’s not a question of if but how this affected Draco. Continue reading “In Defense of Narcissa”

The Case for Piercings: Part 1

Body modification has become increasingly more popular among groups not typically associated with it. Between miniature tattoos, gold cartilage rings, and Brazilian Butt Lifts, people have found a new way to show off their individuality. In favor of self-love, the most critical eyes have averted their line of sight. Body modification isn’t only for the rebellious anymore. That said piercings have come a long way in the last 15 years. Gone are the days of thick-gauged stainless steel varieties and the stigma associated with multiple piercings. The era of the “fashion piercing has arrived and it shows no signs of leaving. Continue reading “The Case for Piercings: Part 1”

Seize the Day

Be ambitious, be passionate and be driven. Have perseverance. BE UNASSAILABLE. But never, ever compromise the life you’ve been given. Simply live life to the fullest; take that day trip, buy the damn earrings, get that degree. Be the person who you’ve always wanted to be. Fill your life with the people who will make you laugh, who will love you even when you’re being an asshole and who will lift the world off your shoulders, even if its only for a moment. Continue reading “Seize the Day”