Inge’s Breakfast Grains

There were only three descriptions of food in Adrienne Young’s Sky in the Deep. Two of which were the same breakfast item and the third was fish.

Inge poured the grain out onto a large hot cooking stone, toasting it with a wooden paddle. The house filled with the warm nutty smell and my stomach pinched with hunger.

Halvard set out wooden bowls and Inge filled them with the grain before pouring the hot water over them.

Adrienne Young, Sky in the Deep; pg. 81

I personally felt that the description of the grains sounded very, very much like oats. That is how I interpreted the grains so that’s exactly what I decided to use in this recreation. After some quick googling I found the general consensus on toasted oats to be undeniably tasty. I also found that a lot of people toasted their oats in butter (which sounds divine ughh) but for the purpose of this recipe I opted to omit the butter.

The recipe was quite easy to make, it only took a few minutes, or as long as it takes to get the pan hot. I grabbed a large skillet and poured in my oats on medium-high heat. I proceeded to toast them until fragrant and golden brown. I placed the toasted oats in a wood bowl then poured hot water from my kettle over top. I had poured a tad too much water on my first go. All you need is just enough to ensure all the oats are coated with water. A few splashes should be more than enough.

Verdict: they were tasty AF. I may never eat oatmeal the traditional way ever again. Toasting the oats brought out those nutty flavors Young wrote about. It had a slight crunch but it wasn’t like cereal or granola nor was it mushy.

I’ll probably end up eating these for the rest of the week since they were filing, satisfying and delicious. Leave a comment down below if you plan on trying Inge’s breakfast grains.


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