Nourishing Brow and Lash Serum

Eyebrows are a defining feature – there is no negotiating on that point. If you have come into this post thinking this could be an overnight miracle then I’m afraid you have come to the wrong place. Nothing can grow your eyebrows back overnight but with patience and dedication, you can begin to get your eyebrows back on track in 6 months. Regrowing your eyebrows is a slow and agonizing journey that needs to be undertaken if your brows are in need of rehab.

If you have a disposable income you may be lured into buying the expensive creams marketed towards softening the fine lines around your eyes, mouth, and forehead. Those creams may indeed soften those lines but they cannot compare to full, well-groomed brows. A nice set of brows can take years off a face.

If you don’t have full eyebrows naturally, don’t fret! Not every woman is as well endowed as say… the lovely leading lady of The Mortal Instruments Lily Collins. Even though I thought Collins was too beautiful for the role of Clary Fray I did appreciate the dead on style. Clary would never apply a ton of makeup or even a little for that matter, she is always bloodstained, sweaty and crying. At the end of the day, Collins was, in fact, a solid choice since great eyebrows were an absolute must for whoever took up the role of Clary. Her eyebrows are stunning and from what I read she rarely needs to put a product in them. Collins has the kind of eyebrows that will make her entire face look absolutely great without makeup. As a woman, isn’t that what we strive to achieve more often than not?

What I find interesting about Collins’ eyebrows are that they are completely au naturel. Her brows are shaped to perfection with no forced awkward shape. It’s so common to see women with eyebrows that look unnatural because the shape suits the current brow trend and not their face (thank goodness the current trend is bushy!) The key to looking stunning without makeup is clean skin and well-groomed brows. Not every woman is born with a set of full dense brows and there is nothing wrong with that. The key to achieving great brows is working with what you were born with. Though it can be a bit of maintenance, in certain women (such as blondes) a vegetable-based tint can make a huge impact.

Like many other women, I made a grievous mistake back in September – in my vain impatience I chose to go to a new person for my eyebrows. My usual eyebrow gal was not in that day so I figured I could trust someone else, who I’ve had fabulous facials from in the past. Normally, I’m partial to my eyebrow tech but as I said, I was feeling impatient. I also figured that since I was getting my eyebrows plucked (I’ve been on retinoids since I was 20 years old so I can only have my eyebrows plucked or threaded) how much could she mess up?

Yeah… not one of my best decisions. My eyebrows were arched perfectly and the right length but they were much thinner coming out of the appointment than going in. Also, she took off too much hair at the beginning of my right eyebrow so it starts further back than the left.

I had been growing them out for 3 months prior to that appointment (I only get my eyebrows shaped professionally every few months, I maintain them myself in between appointments) so I was bummed. I felt that all the work I had done growing them in went into the toilet.

The friend who got me interested in The Mortal Instruments also inspired me to regrow my eyebrows to their fullest potential. At the end of October, I decided to go on an eyebrow regrowth journey that entailed no tweezing/maintenance whatsoever for 6 months. As far as vanity goes, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever accomplished.

I had looked into buying an eyebrow growth serum to speed the process along but they were all super expensive and in some cases, they worked miracles, in others they did nada! (Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Serum Advanced review) The reviews were extremely mixed on just about every product I researched but I did notice a trend. People who did not nourish their eyebrows/lashes with oils before using a growth serum noticed more hair growth than those who have previously oiled.

My undying love for mascara forced me to start applying oil to my eyelashes every night a few years ago. I typically use 2-3 mascaras to achieve the perfect volume and length. Unfortunately, all those mascaras were causing my eyelashes to become dry and brittle then subsequently breaking. I began mixing concoctions of jojoba, avocado, and castor oils with the addition of rosemary essential oil to nourish and repair my broken lashes.

One of the problems with applying oil to your eyelashes is if you apply too much your vision becomes instantly blurry, that was beyond annoying. I needed to create a serum that would not drip into my eyes or onto my brow bone when generously applied. I experimented with aloe vera and oils but the oil and gel would always end up separating. After relentless digging, I found that some people were mixing their oils with vaseline or Aquaphor in order to keep the ingredients together. Petroleum jelly binds the oils and aloe vera together so they won’t separate in addition to locking in moisture.

With the addition of Aquaphor, I thought for sure that this serum would be unbelievably luxurious, unfortunately, it did not live up to the hype. The addition of Aquaphor didn’t do anything that avocado/castor oil couldn’t already do on its own plus waking each morning my eyelashes were still sticky; the product never sunk in.

After a few weeks of waking up with sticky lashes, I began a new batch omitting the Aquaphor and the aloe vera (because of separation) and adding coconut oil. I was attempting to avoid coconut oil because my apartment tends to get a bit hot so my coconut oil never solidifies in the summer.

The addition of coconut oil was the best decision I ever made. When left in a cool place the serum solidifies the ingredients together and when applied no dripping!

I bought new mascara tubes from Amazon but you could clean out an empty tube at home, this is a wonderful tutorial.

Nourishing Brow and Lash Serum

Equal parts castor oil, Aragon and vitamin E oil

Mix all ingredients together in a small bowl. Use a syringe to fill an empty mascara tube. Apply a generous amount to eyelashes and eyebrows at night.

If you do not have access to empty mascara tubes and syringes – store the serum in a Tupperware container that has a lid, obtain a clean mascara wand from Sephora, a Clinique counter or clean a used one and store the wand on top of the serum wrapped in a paper towel. To use, dip the wand in the serum and gently wipe off on a paper towel before applying to eyebrows and eyelashes.


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