Since I can remember I have always been a passionate, voracious and well-rounded reader. When I begin a book it isn’t about passing time but about starting an adventure in which I can become irrevocably lost.

One of the greatest parts of reading is the inspiration that comes from the story, that ah-ha moment when you finish a book. Then, as if on cue, out comes the smartphone and onwards to Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google to search for any and everything about the book.

I am no stranger to the inspiration that a book can bring to the table and more occasionally then I’d like to admit to my boss I’ll drain the battery on my iPhone scouring social media and blogs for anything relating to the book.

I blame J.K.Rowling for this obsession. I was 11 when Harry Potter came out and like all of my classmates, I became mystified with the magical world of muggles and wizards. For years I used to sit on this huge ridiculously comfy blue armchair in my older brothers bedroom above the garage reading and rereading Harry Potter. Anyone who has read Harry Potter knows the descriptions of food can make one’s mouth salivate like a dog. Unfortunately opening a soda and a bag of chips just wouldn’t do because it was not what I truly wanted. The descriptions of English food inspired me to make copious (and delicious) amounts of toast with butter and strawberry jam.

Fast forward 17 years –  I am still crazy inspired by the words behind a cover except now these inspirations may come in the form of food, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

I can not wait to share my book reviews and inspirations with all of you 🙂

Happy Reading xoxo


Photo Credit Seana Campbell @xoxseana_mariexox

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