The Immortals

I should know by now that the $2.99 and under section on the Nook Store can be full of enthralling stories just waiting to be read. I never go into these stories expecting much, then when I finish I am blown away, stunned and lured in. That is exactly how these stores do it – they give the first book in a series away for mere pennies then overprice the rest.

This is the exact case with The Immortals by Jordanna Max Brodsky. I was already on a Greek Mythology kick because I was reading Circe when I picked up this up. It sounded like a decent enough read and at that price point it was worth buying. After I purchased Immortals, I looked up the other two books in the series to see if they were also $2.99. To my dismay, they are listed for $9.99 and $13.99 on the Nook Store. I’m not a cheap person by nature but that is highway robbery for digital books. I will add, they are similarly priced on Amazon and Kobo. I understand that everyone needs to earn a living but I just don’t believe a digital book should be similarly priced as a paperback. In light of this conversation, I do feel the need to step up onto my soap box for a moment and say this, if you really look into this digital world we have found ourselves in, whether you own content on Vudu, Barnes & Noble or Amazon, for example, they have the right to take your digital content away from your library if the need arises. You think you own it, but do you really own it?

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I was instantaneously drawn to Circe by Madeline Miller because of the cover. As soon as I saw it being advertised on Instagram by the publisher, Little Brown and Company, I screenshot the ad so I wouldn’t forget to look up the synopsis later on. Of course, me being me, I forgot to look it up. If anyone were to look through my photos at this very moment, undoubtedly, they would find a lot of screenshots of bookstagramers, bookshelves, advertisements, and shelves from the book section at Target. They’re all books I’ve intended to read further about but I never remember too. In the case of Circe, while on my way to Chinatown a few weeks ago, my eyes immediately darted toward it when I passed a street vendor selling books. When I expressed interest in reading it my friend happily exclaimed that she also had a desire to read that book. At that moment I decided I would purchase Circe when I got home, this time I did not forget! Continue reading “Circe”