New Jersey in Winter 2013 was one hell of a snowy season. At the time I worked at a company that operated outdoors so when the weather was bad the owner would shut down the company for the day. I spent the majority of January and February on my couch binging Netflix while my boyfriend (now hubby) played Call of Duty. As it happened, I ended up spending Valentines Day snowed in at home that year. My husband had surprised me with some delicious macaroons a day earlier. As I munched on my treats I decided that I really wanted to watch a girly rom com. I recently discovered that I could rent movies online on VUDU so naturally I began scrolling through their new releases. I came across a movie called Austenland, the cover and title alike were seriously eye catching. Once I watched the trailer I’m not sure I’ve ever pressed the rent button faster in my life. Austenland literally made my inner fan girl jump with joy. I’m a huge Jane Austen fan, I’ve read all her novels and I typically reread them once every year or two. So I proceeded to watch it over and over until my rental expired but then I bought it digitally. I’ll always fondly remember that it was my first digital movie purchase. Continue reading “Austenland”

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

I often go through phases where I will love a genre for a time then move on only to revisit it again several months later. And there are a few that circulate constantly. At the beginning of each year I typically begin re-reading Jane Austen novels and thus immerse myself in her world. I drink more tea, have more pastries and use words such as agreeable in casual conversations. Continue reading “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”