John Hammond’s Chilean Sea Bass

There are phrases uttered in classic movies that will forever make an impression upon us. Jurassic Park is chock full of phrases that have been repeated, printed and made into gifs. One of those lines is one in which John Hammond excitedly exclaims (post raptor chow down of course),

“Alejandro’s prepared a delightful meal for us. Chilean sea bass, I believe.” Continue reading “John Hammond’s Chilean Sea Bass”

Jurassic Park

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the cult classic Jurassic Park. As I sit here writing this I am as stunned as any of you. As the date slowly approaches, I imagine a lot of people are going to be filled with the same nostalgic feelings I find myself having. That said, even though Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton was published in 1990, the sequel The Lost World in 1995 and the original Jurassic Park Movie in 1993 – it is NEVER TOO LATE to pick up a fantastic book or watch a cutting edge movie, truly!

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