My Rustic Garden Wedding

When my husband and I decided to get married we knew right away that neither of us wanted a large traditional American wedding. We didn’t want bridesmaids or groomsman, the chicken, fish or beef option or the pressure that weddings bring out in a person. My Mother used to say to me, “Amanda weddings are for the guests not the bride and groom.” We actually wanted to enjoy ourselves at our wedding because we already felt married in our hearts, the wedding was a simple formality.

Even so, I did not want to elope. I wanted the cake, the dress and the beautiful photos. It was important to me that our son can look at our photos one day and say “that’s Mommy and Daddy on their wedding day.” There are still some traditions I hold sacred.

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An Ode to The Traditionalists

I am so much more than a wife and a mother. I am a strong, independent, hell of a damn woman. I’m honest, loyal, introverted, passionate and I have one hell of a sailors mouth. Cliché it all may be, but cliché I certainly am not. I have over come a lot in my life and I’ve done it all in the most unbelievable and untraditional ways possible. Ughhh I hate that word… I can honestly say if there were one word I truly hated, it would be traditional. (Fun Fact: it was banned from being spoken at my wedding) What society deems traditional must be what is supposed to be the status quo for EVERYONE. Bullshit. Society does not define me; I’ve defined the woman I’ve become. Continue reading “An Ode to The Traditionalists”