Train Like a Shadowhunter

“The sky above the ocean was streaked with the pink and rose of sunset. Emma slowed from a run to a jog, gasping, her heart pounding in her chest. 

Usually Emma trained in the afternoon and evening and ran in the early morning, but she’d woken up late after staying up nearly all night with Christina.”

When I finally surfaced from reading Lady Midnight the only thing I wanted to do was go to the gym.

Emma Carstairs is the epitome of fun and fitness. She trains hard, has fun and still eats pancakes & pizza. Is that not exactly what we all want to achieve while we embark onto our daily fitness regimes?

So I finally got off my ass and checked out a new gym with a daycare for my little monster. I had been putting it off a bit because I was fortunate enough to lose all the baby weight plus some through small portions and clean eating but there are parts of my body that need serious toning.

Going to the gym daily is hard, going with a toddler who is grounded by a schedule is even harder. Gyms won’t take care of your child until they are 6-8 months old, have specific daycare hours and did I mention they cannot legally change diapers?

I did finally find a gym with excellent staff (who are CPR certified), strong security measures in place and flexible hours.

In the past I’ve always began training at the gym by telling myself phrases such as “this time is different,” “it’s a commitment” or “it’s a lifestyle change.” Training is all of those things and also none of those things. It’s just something you do. You do it for your organs, your bones and your mind; a toned body is just the outcome.

“Christina had stopped her from sending eight [texts], and suggested she go for a run to get rid of her anxiety.”

Emma doesn’t train so she can eat without guilt nor does she train under the pretense of obtaining a “nice body.” She trains for clarity of mind, strength and independence. She trains because she is a shadowhunter who believes in a code: save human lives. Apart from the shadowhunter code, training like Emma is exactly how I’ve been hitting the gym. I don’t walk into the gym with any expectations. I lift and run, and with each day I become stronger and every extra mile becomes easier. I don’t beat myself up about not going for a day or eating that 2500 calorie mac ‘n cheese burger from Cheesecake Factory.

“She wondered how many miles she’d run up and down this stretch of beach in the years she’s lived in the institute. Five miles a day, everyday. And that was after three hours at least in the training room. Half the scars Enma had on her body she’s put there herself, teaching herself to fall from the highest rafters, training herself to fight through pain by practicing barefoot – on broken glass.” 

As much as I’d like them to be real, Shadowhunters aren’t real, but our armed forces are. And do they not live by a similar code and also by similar training? Keep that in mind on Memorial Day, Veterans Day or any day (for that matter) when there is an opportunity to thank a solider. Just saying!

I believe we could all use a little bit of Emma’s kind of training in our lives.

Simply sweat more, eat clean and live life. Let the endorphins be your addiction.

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