What it’s really like to be a writer and a mother

The decision to take on writing full-time has not been an easy one. I’ve come to the realization that one does not need to invest a lot of money into fancy furniture but creating a private writing space is a must. Whether that space is a pool table in your basement, a closet, a niche inside your bedroom or a random corner in the hallway, it needs to be yours. Writers need private moments in their own spaces to create.

That said, what happens when you settle down for a long writing session in your “writing cave” and your child wants your undivided attention?

Do you allow that spark of creativity or an idea that was on the tip of our tongue seconds earlier vanish? Or do you throw the babe off your lap and buy their silence with cookies? That is the very real reality of being a writer and also a mother.

Like many bloggers and aspiring authors, I also have another job. Not only am I navigating writing with a toddler but I also have to figure out writing around a full-time job. Realistically, when I allowed myself to be honest in regards to my passion, I knew that the bulk of my writing would have to take place very early in the morning. While I did come to terms with having to cut a sizeable portion of my sleep away, my son had other ideas.

Let’s be honest, in a few short weeks, I’ve only written a handful of times. The act of writing isn’t difficult, it’s putting your mind in the right state that’s difficult. And having a four-year-old waking at the same time as you while also asking to come back to bed for cuddles DOES NOT help your state of mind.

If motherhood and writing are this hard to navigate, the question that begs to be answered is: how am I doing it, how does anyone do it?

I’m putting words to paper nearly every day. Most of those words are notes for future blog posts and ideas for my novel. I carry a small notebook with me everywhere I go so when the sparks come on, I can immediately jot them down.

Writing is like a sport – you only get better if you practice. If you don’t keep at it, the writing muscles atrophy.

Rick Riordan

So damn true. Writing is writing. At the moment I’m writing this post instead of working on my novel. This morning my mind was not on the novel but on putting out this post. I got the idea while I was at work for the last two days. The beginnings of this post were started in my handy little notebook while on lunch. Sometimes you need to sit back and focus on what your heart is telling you, not your mind.

Whether you’re working on a side project or a big one, it comes down to how passionate and determined you are. My journey to becoming a published writer will take longer than some because I’m a full-time working mother. Writing is my second job, not my main job and it’s treated as such.


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